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8/30/12: Bobby Moses Escapades- The Beaverian Uprising

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot, Beav Mac Time/Tide: 6:45 AM – 8: 45 / Top of Outgoing Bait: Fresh Bunker Chunks Jack, Mac and Dot…AKA Jack Macintosh…arrived at the Bobby Mo at Hi Tide hoping for some beastly encounters. As expected … Continue reading

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8/21/12: Bobby Moses Escapades- Bluefish, Mushy Bunker and Butthole Surfers

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot, Morf Dorsal Time/Tide: 6:30-8:30 pm/ Lo Tide around 5:30 pm Bait: Bunker Chunks With the run of North Wind over and the waves beginning to kick up, The Squad hit the surf for some action before … Continue reading

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