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8/27-8/28/16: Fishology Sciences- Pinz & Porcupinez + More Tropicalisms

8/27/16 Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris Location: Oak Beach area Time/Tide: 6:30 – 8:45 AM/ Low Tide around 10 AM Tropical Seining Expedition: The squad made about 10 passes with the seine net along the beach and rocks looking for some tropical … Continue reading

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8/23/16: The Drought of Beast hath Ceased

Fishy Jackson Location: Moses Time/Tide: 8:10 – 9:40 PM / Hi Tide around 12:15 AM The Fishtilian was left bloodied and battered, butchered and bludgeoned, beleaguered and bamboozled…but it was the Ray that stood alone in the Loser’s Circle after a near … Continue reading

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8/7/16: Fishology Sciences- Observations of Tropicality…+…Fishy Jackson elected Sennetor of the North

Fishy Jackson Location: Moses Docks Time/Tide: All Morning/Low Tide around 5:30 am Northern Sennet finally hooked   The Fishtilian had been chasing this creature for many moons, many a Crescent Moon in fact…but the Sennet Campaign has mercifully come to an end. … Continue reading

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