9/30/12: End of the Killi Confusion- Definitive ‘Chogs

Fishy Jackson
Location: CSH Waters

With much confusion regarding which species of Killifish Lord Jackson had caught over the past month plus, Fishy set out to a Cold Spring Harbor tidal marsh area to catch a definitive Mummichog.  Arriving about an hour before high tide, the Lone Jackman tossed clam bellies in water at three different spots all in very shallow tidewater.  Within seconds swarms of Mummichogs showed up to peck away at the clam.  Fishy proceeded to catch a bunch with the Micro Rod, even catching one in a puddle.  Though hundreds of Mummis were present, no large ‘Chogs were seen.  No Striped Killifish were seen either.

Results: Mummichogs (#96)

9/30/12: Mummichog

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