8/21/12: Bobby Moses Escapades- Bluefish, Mushy Bunker and Butthole Surfers

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot, Morf Dorsal
Time/Tide: 6:30-8:30 pm/ Lo Tide around 5:30 pm
Bait: Bunker Chunks

With the run of North Wind over and the waves beginning to kick up, The Squad hit the surf for some action before the sea weed comes back. Fishy got the Squad on the board about 20 minutes in with a Bluefish, first of the year from the surf. The decision to release the fish would prove to be a costly decision, as it would have come in handy as fresh bait with the mushy crap Bunker getting crappier by the minute. Lord Jackson had planned on fishing into the night hoping to hook into a large beastly Sting Ray or some other beast, yet the Rays were likely cruising around laughing at the subpar bunker offerings. Unfortunately, the bait was not the only concern. A gang of nutsack butthole surfers were riding little waves right next to the Squad, venturing far too close into Lord Jackson’s radius. Numerous times Fishy had to wait for the cornball surfer to fall and trot away before casting back out. Twas still an enjoyable night in the surf, but unfortunate that The Dot and The Dorsal’s summer debuts were marred by subpar bait.


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