8/30/12: Bobby Moses Escapades- The Beaverian Uprising

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot, Beav Mac
Time/Tide: 6:45 AM – 8: 45 / Top of Outgoing
Bait: Fresh Bunker Chunks

Jack, Mac and Dot…AKA Jack Macintosh…arrived at the Bobby Mo at Hi Tide hoping for some beastly encounters. As expected with the North Wind all day wednesday, the waves were manageable and the water clean and free of weeds. Nothing but Robins to start the day, but Este was quick to point out that this was a good omen, as the night before he had caught a few Robins before getting a run off by a massive beast that spooled his reel after a lengthy battle. It was not long after this proclamation that Beav Mac had his bunker chunk inhaled by a monster Roughtail Stingray.  Fishy looked on like a proud father as he watched his protege join the Legion of Legends with a Herculaic performance, getting the Beast on the Beach after a 15 minute battle. The Ray never really managed to sunction himself into the sand as they often do to prolong the battle. Twas the highlight of an otherwise underwhelming fishing summer for the Jackson Squadron, and after careful avoidance of the dangerous tail and a swift release, it was back to bidness. In the midst of the continuing Sea Robin onslaught the Jackson Wonder had a nice run off. After a quality hook set Lord Jackson thought he was good to go but the line went slack. Thinking something had bit through the leader he began reeling in the line when it suddenly tightened again just off the beach…A beautiful Striped sea animal came into view briefly before darting off and taking some line. A breif battle ensued before the 29 inch Bass was swiftly landed, symbolizing inevitable dinner time glory. The Squad landed a few more Robins before heading back to filet the Bass.

Reuslts: Dozen or more Sea Robins, 1 Roughtail Stingray, 1 Keeper Striped Bass

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One Response to 8/30/12: Bobby Moses Escapades- The Beaverian Uprising

  1. Beav Mac says:

    This day will live in infamy as my life will never be the same. I have made my mark as a boy now I am a man-boy since I landed the sting ray. Thank u mr.jackson I owe my career to u.

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