9/3/12: Needles & a Busted Penn

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot, Beav Mac
Location:  Bobby Moses Piers 
Time/Tide:  6:45 am – 8:30/ Hi tide around 9:30 am
Bait: Fresh Bunker, Live Silversides, Sandworms

With the surf unfishable Jack MackinDot took to the Inlet Piers , armed with numerous rods and set ups for whatever creatures were around.  They had a difficult task at hand dealing with the stiff E/SE wind which brought in tons of eel grass and other sea weed.  The usual 6-9 inch Sea Bass were under the dock getting to the worms before any other fish in the area could get a chance.  The Micro Wand handled bidness with the Silversides even though the overcast made it hard to sight fish for them.  Este hooked into a Blue about 40 minutes in that appeared to be the Set Off Point, but it was not to be as the Penn Reel randomly fell apart, allowing the Blue to break off.  A Needlefish was spotted chasing after The Mac’s Kastmaster not too long after this set back, but wouldn’t give it a solid strike.  It was at this juncture that Este popped his Micro Fishing cherry, catching Fishy some fresh Silversides to throw out to the Needlefish.  The Needle aggressively attacked the bait but proved difficult to hook.  Fishy loosened the drag allowing it to cruise with the bait in his beak until the hook set in enuff to get it on the dock.  The Needle was livelined on the lone remaining big rod for no takers, and was released back about a half hour later, seemingly ok.  Beav also landed one a lil while later on the small Kastmaster tipped with a live Silverside.  Though the Needlefish were aggressive, they didn’t seem to give a good strike unless the bait was alive.  Needle Mania semi-salvaged a crappy trip due to the east wind and the busted reel.

Results: 2 Needlefish (first time caught on LI), numerous Silversides, numerous Sea Bass, 1 lost Blue, 1 broken reel



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