9/14/12: Giggity Gag- A Gaggly Visit

Dolo Jackson
Location: Bobby Moses Piers
Bait: Bunker, Sandworms, Clam, live and dead Spearing
Time/Tide: 6:45 am – 11/ Hi Tide around 7ish

With glorious weather on tap The Lone Jackman hit the piers on the dolo tip, armed with an array of rods and bait/jackle. Fishy had the place to himself upon arrival, and would only be joined by 2 fisherman throughout the whole duration.  Rainbait (Bay Anchovies) were spotted precipitating on the surface around the docks but were not interested in the Micro bait.  Snappers were blitzing hither and yonder but wouldnt bite the dead spearing; a needlefish took a bite at it but didnt get hooked.  Black Sea Bass were all over the bottom rigs as usual, but fortunately a southern visitor Gag Grouper did manage to get hooked.  The Gags are abundant in the Gulf Waters that Lord Jackson fishes but this was the first Long Island Grouper encounter.  The lucky Grouper was brought home safely to the Jackson Tank.  A few Puffers also managed to get to the worms before the sea bass could.  A young Cownose Stingray cruised by the dock shortly after.  Fishy quickly took the sinker off the bigger rod and tossed a clam belly in it’s path but the fish ignored the offering.  It would go on to ignore 2 more perfect Jackson Casts before disappearing into the Inlet.  After landing a few Silversides with the Micro Wand Fishy finally managed to land a nice size Snapper, which was donated to the fellow fisherman at the pier.  The Micro Wand managed to land a micro Sea Bass as well when Fishy left it deadsticked in the water.  Unfortunately, there were still no Banded Rudderfish sightings by the pilings like there was earlier in the summer.  Also unfortunate was the bigger rod saw no action on the clam or bunker chunks, and no liveline-able fish were caught.  A brief last stop was made at Captree, where the Jack threw a clam belly in the shallow beach area to draw in a swarm of Killifish.  Though the Micro Wand was compromised after getting snagged on the dock The Jack did manage to land a couple on the regular sabiki hook.

Results: 1 Gag Grouper, many Black Sea Bass, Puffers, nice Snapper Blue, Silversides, Killifish, Cownose Ray sighting



Brief footage of the Cownose Ray

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