9/16: Old PonQuogue Festivities

Fishy Jackson, Beav Mac, Father Chris
Location: Old PonQuogue Bridge, Shinnecock
Bait: Sandworms, Clams, Live Killies, Squid/Spearing
Time/Tide: 7:30-11 AM/ Hi Tide around 9

The top priority of catching tropical fish in the seine net was a failure, however The Squad did put together a quality mixed bag outing.  Beav and Chris set up shop wit the 2 bigger rods targeting Fluke or other larger fish, while Fishy manned the smaller rods (Micro Wand, Snapper set up and bottom rig set up).  Within 10 minutes of arrival Beav Mac hauled in a fat keeper Fluke, which would prove to be the catch of the day.  Fishy fished through the abundance of Sea Bass on the bottom to land a few Bergalls and Spot Croaker but that was it for the bottom rig.  The Snapper set-up saw no success at all until Lord Jackson broke out the Micro Wand and landed a few Silversides to entice the Snappers.  Lord Jackson was hoping to encounter the Banded Rudderfish again to catch them on live Silversides but appears they may have started heading south already.  Father Chris would go on to land a large Kingfish on the Fluke set up which joined the Fluke on ice.  Beav made a heads up move when he noticed some action on the surface and tossed his squid/spearing into the area and landed a Schoolie Striper.  A few more short Fluke were landed before slack tide arrived and the Squad hit up the marshy area to the left of the bridge to seine up some tropical fish.  Twas not to be as nothing more than a plethora of Killifish were seined up.  Fishy noticed the haul of Killis contained quite a few Sheepshead Minnows.  Having never caught this species Fishy broke out the Micro Wand and tossed a clam belly in the water to draw them in.  10+ Killis were landed but no Sheepshead Minnows.  A bucket full of Killis as well as a Spot Croaker were brought home to join the Jackson Tank, but the Croaker unfortunately suffered an untimely death before reaching the Tank.

Results: Keeper Fluke, short Fluke, big Kingfish, Schoolie Striped Bass, Sea Bass, Bergalls, Spot Croakers, Silversides, Striped Killifish, dead Bonito washed up on beach


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One Response to 9/16: Old PonQuogue Festivities

  1. Beav Mac says:

    It was a good wrap up to a slow start into the summer of fishing. They used to call me Jaime, now I am Jamie Merlos. It has been a transformation that needed to be done. I have also morfed into a coach of sorts taking on rolls as coach sugamilk when I am training my disciples such as the great Olympian Jon boy he has done me right and now is enrolled in a special camp where the camp director is the one and only “Jerry poo pirate Sandusky”. Sorry I got alittle of the subject of fishing but the bottom line is I’m untouchable right now and I’m only taking the next step towards the next step and this is an dedication to FIShY JACKSON. Sincerely yours- A. H.

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