10/6/12: Bobby Moses Escapades- Banner Bluefish Day

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot
Time/Tide: 7 AM – 9/ Hi Tide around Noon
Bait: Fresh Bunker Chunks

Seeking to erase the memories of a subpar fish mission the night before that saw Fishy lose a mammoth Linesider due to improper tackle, Fishy was back on the scene at dawn for a South Shore mission with The Dot.  Fishy sparked it off about 15 minutes in with a monster ocean Bluefish.  It turned out this was only the beginning as a dozen gorilla Blues would be landed throughout the session.  Captain Este was in top form and took home high hook honors landing 7 Blues on the day.  The ocean was choppy but clean and weedless and it was not difficult to hold bottom.  The strong south wind made it difficult to cast far but didn’t matter as the Blues were pushing the Bunker right up on to the beach.  Eventually the Squad was casting literally 15 feet out and landing Blues in the first set of breakers.  At one point Este grabbed a live bunker clean out of the water with his bare hands.  One gluttenous Blue spit up a fully intact Squid and a half digested Kingfish.  Other Blues were so beastly they bit through the wire.  Fishy used the Kingfish remains as bait and landed another fat Blue.  Just another day at the office for the Jackson Squadron.

Results: Dozen gorilla Bluefish


Stomach Contents- Either Hake or Kingfish on right

Stomach Contents- Either Hake or Kingfish on right

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