11/17/12: Where art thou Perch?/Blackback Attack

Fishy Jackson, Beav Mac
Location: Carman’s River/Beaverdam Creek
Time/Tide: 9:45-10:30 AM/ Seemingly Mid-Tide
Bait: Nightcrawlers

After multiple failed missions on the Connetquot River tidewaters and a couple other creeks in the past, the hunt for the elusive White Perch brought the Squad to a new river, the Carman’s.  Arriving to windy but managable conditions, Beav got the first action of the day about 5 minutes in, leading Fishy to believe the mysterious creature had finally been located.  Instead, a plump lil’ Winter Flounder emerged.  Another rod bend a short while later led to visions of a potential Perch only to end up being just another fat Blackback.  Fishy is now 0 for 8 lifetime in White Perch missions, an astonishing statistic considering The Honorable Lord Jackson’s impeccable track record of mission execution.

Results: 2 Winter Flounders

Attack of the Blackbacks

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