3/3/13: Seasick Jackson- Puke & a Pollock

Fishy Jackson, Father Chris
Limited Passanger Party Boat: Shinnecock Star for winter wreck fishing
Potential New Sea Animals: Pollock, Sea Raven? White Hake?

25 mph winds, 6-8 ft seas, a crappy boat with a crappy little stuffy cabin that allowed water to splash over the sides all day soaking everyone.  Lord Jackson fell victim to the Elements in his long awaited return to Fishy activity.  The first symptoms of seasickness occured about 20 minutes in and persisted for the entire 8+ hour Debacle.  After a miserable 2+ hour steam to the 180 feet deep Cod grounds that saw Fishy throw up the morning’s bagel, it was time for the first drop.  The only Pollock that was caught at the first spot managed to find it’s way to Lord Jackson’s hook just a few minutes in, enabling Fishy to hang up the rod to lay down as the nausea remained unbearable.  With nothing but market size cod and the usual winter wreck creatures like Dogfish and Pout coming over the rails, Fishy decided to wait for someone to catch either larger fish or a Sea Raven or White Hake before fishing again. Neither occured; the efficient 15 minutes that saw Fishy land the main target species Pollock would go down as the only time Fishy blessed the rod all day.  Chris came thru with a quality performance in Fishy’s absence, landing 8 or 9 fish including a couple Keeper Cod.  The Shinnecock Star is a garbage vessel, escpecially for a Cod trip.  The weather people that predicted far less treacherous conditions are douchebaggerous.

Fish caught (whole boat): Pollock (#102), Cod, Ocean Pout, Spiny Dogfish, Bergall, Silver (American) Eel, and of course some Sea Pussies (little sea anemone creatures that kept sucking on to the bait)



Sea Pussy

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