3/18/13: Exclusive Interview w/ Coach Beav Mac- Part 1

Coach, you are considered an inspiration to today’s youth.  You’ve been a rising star in the fishing community for years now, recently culminating in you recieving the Most Improved Fisherman award for 2012.  How is it that you manage to stay so humble?

Coach Beav: “Having the World’s Most Honorable Lord Fishy Jackson as a mentor helps, but really it’s just my ongoing mission to take the next step towards the next step.  You see, there is always a next step for me to take, so I really never have time to stop and soak it all in.”

Well, we certainly have all marveled at your remarkable rise and I’m sure we’ll continue to be amazed by your heroics going forward.  Was there any particular achievement or moment that made you realize that you are now a superstar?

Coach Beav: “Definately landing the monster Sting Ray off the beach last summer.  Moments before the massive Beast started ripping off line, Lord Jackson inspired me by telling me that I am the Dragon…the rest is history.”

Historic indeed….Now Coach, as the weather warms and the 2013 fishing season gets into full swing here, what can we expect out of the Great Coach this year? What will you do for an encore?

Coach Beav: “Expect the unexpected as well as the expected.  Expectations are for the expecters.  I just go out there and execute. ”

Well said Coach.  Certainly at this stage of your career you have caught too many fish to remember them all, but do you happen to remember when and where you caught your first fish?

Coach Beav: “June 13, 1973 in South Africa I caught an 18 ft Great White Shark.  I may not have actually been born yet, but that fish put up quite a fight from what I can remember.”

Damn impressive, Coach…Now that your status has risen and as you continue your meteoric ascend, I’m sure you’ve considered branching out from under Lord Jackson’s wing and doing your own th–

Coach Beav: [Throws chair at the wall in a fit of rage] “That’s enough!  How dare you question my loyalty to Lord Jackson!  I should make a human chum bag out of you for even thinking such a dishonorable thought.  This interview is over!”

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