4/15/13: 0 for 1- Escape of the Blackback ***Update*** 4/16/13: Honor Restored

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P, Captain James Hook
Location: Cold Spring Harbor Dock
Time/Tide: 6 pm-7:45 pm/ Low Tide 9:45 pm
Bait: Sandworms/Mussels, Mussel Chum

The Fishy Wonder of the World finally made an honest effort to get some Spring Blackback action poppin.  Busy schedule and crappy weather has thus far delayed Fishy Activity but the time hath commenced.  Armed with a bucket of fresh mussels the Squadron chummed the living crap out of those waters.  Clearly the Blackbacks are far from being in full force at this juncture, for had a respectable amount of Winter Flounders been in the area the Squad would have surely cleaned up.  A nice plump Blackback finally struck Lord Jackson’s line as the sun began to further set but the conniving little rascal Blackback somehow shook free of the hook at dockside.  After a couple of empty earlier missions for EsQuire and Jimmy Hooks this was at least proof that Blackback sea life does in fact exist in the local waters.

***Update***4/16/13: Honor Restoration/EsQuire P Solo Mission- The elusive Blackback has been captured and consumed by none other than EsQuire P, whom returned to the scene on the dolo tip with Fishy out of action.  Squire Tuck hath hereby restored Honor to the Fishy Squadron and has been credited with landing the first Sea Life of the spring.

EsQuire's Blackback

EsQuire’s Blackback

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