5/26/13: On the Dot: Chapter 9 dolo ‘Sota Action- Belted Sandfish status

Este Dot dolo mission
Location: Sarasota

The Dot made the trek to the Sarasota waters for some action at the New Pass docks and the open beach. Beginning at the docks Este got into a school of mystery fish later to be identified as Belted Sandfish. These fish top out at 4 inches long and appear to be quite random. The usual Spottail Pinfish were all around the dock and a few usual dock residents like Cowfish, Blue Runners and Mackerel were landed as well.

Este then set up on shop on the beach front for some fast action with the plethora of Gulf Kingfish in the surf as well as to live line some small baitfish.  A couple Pins were live-lined on the bigger rod but saw no action.  A large sandbar made it difficult to cast the live bat where it needed to be.

Chapter IX had commenced a week earlier in the Tampa area with The Dot swiftly landing a keeper Redfish and some other small bay fish while wading in Tampa Bay.

Belted Sandfish

Belted Sandfish


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