5/27/13: Shinny Canal- Robin Mania & some Jumbo Puffs

Fishy Jackson, Father Chris
Location: Shinnecock Canal w/ the Locks closed
Bait: Clam, Squid/Spearing
Time/Tide: 8-10 AM/ Low tide around 8:30 AM

Looking for some fast action Lord Jackson made the eastward march to the promising Shinnecock Canal waters.  Ran into a Robin Gauntlet with a Robin on almost every cast.  Apparently a motherload of Robins were in the Canal when the locks went up.  Landed over 30 combined without a single Fluke finding the bait.  Luckily a few Jumbo Puffers managed to beat the Robins to the small hook setup a couple of times.  Puffer Meat on the menu for the Fishy Lord.


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