6/16/13: Bobby Mo Dont ya Know- Honor Restorations

Dolo Jackson AKA the Lone Jackman
Location: Robert Moses Beach
Bait: Sandworms, Clam, Bunker chunks
Time/Tide: 6:50-9:30 am /Low tide around 7 am

Pride & Honor on the line, the Fishy Wonder of the World rose to the occasion with some quality surf action.  The tide very low upon arrival, surf weedless with manageable waves likely due to the north wind the 2 days prior.  2 rod operation, the bigger rod dead-sticked with size 7 circle hook and bunker chunks, shorter rod hi-lo kingfish rig with clam.  40 minutes in the clam rod was nailed by a nice fish that would eventually shake the hook.  After re-baiting a nice 26 inch Striper was landed followed by another identical bass on the next cast, both near keepers.  A weak fighting Little Skate would be the last action the clam rod saw.  The last hour turned into Robin Mania again as they began to nail the bunker.  Honor officially restored, quality action was necessary after a near lifeless outing at Overlook Pier/Robert Moses docks on saturday 6/15.

Creatures caught: 2 Striped Bass, 1 Little Skate, 3 Sea Robins


**Coach is on the board, only fish caught at Robert Moses Dock 6/15/13


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