6/21/13: Undesirable life forms in the local waters

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac, EsQuire P, Captain James Hook
Location: CSH, the Island
Time/Tide: 7-9:45 PM, Hi tide around 10:30 pm
Bait: Bunker Chunks, Sandworms/Squid strip

Humpin’ Hermits, plastic bags filled with water, Robins and Spider Crabs.  The CSH waters were chock full of undesirable life forms on this day.  This trip marked the debut of Lord Jackson and Coach Mac’s brand new matching Penn Battle combo rods.  Hoping to catch some killies or other live bait, the bait trap was set up in multiple different spots in the area but produced no bait fish of any sort.  Apparantly the bait is a couple of weeks behind this year.  Fishy set up with the hi-lo rig with squid and sandworms before switching over to bunker chunks like the rest of the Squad.  It was who else but the Great Coach to get the ball rollin by snagging a couple of humpin Hermit Crabs on the first cast, followed by reeling in a nice fat plastic bag filled with water shortly after.  Not to be outdone, Squire Tuck answered with a healthy Sea Robin before Beav and Jimmy Hooks would go on to land a couple of Robins of their own.  The Fishy Lord was crabbed out, pulling in nothing but Spider Crabs.  After numerous lifeless or semi-lifeless missions at this Cold Spring Harbor spot over past couple years, this region will not be fished again until bait is plentiful and perhaps a desirable sea animal or 2 will inhabit the waters.


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