Independance Wkend ’13 Heatwave: Dog Days Grindin’

7/5/13- Dolo Jackson
Location: Bobby Moses Piers
Time/Tide: 7:45 – 9: 15 am/ Hi Tide around 6:15 am
Bait: Live Killies, Sandworms

Quick Dolo mission for the Lone Jackman, braving the humid conditions of the Earths for some action with live Killies.  Landed a fat Fluke and few Robins before the action died off.   No other anglers were present, which was in stark contrast to the packed out Overlook Pier which had been the preferred location.

Results: 1 Fluke, 3 Robins


Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac
Location: Bobby Moses Beach, Bobby Moses Piers
Time/ Tide (Beach): 7-9 AM / Top of outgoing
Time/ Tide (Piers): 9:30 – 10:30 am / Hi tide around 7ish am
Bait: Bunker Chunks, Clam

Surf surprisingly weedless despite the run of strong southwind and all the crappy weather.  Waves manageable but was some large sets and couldn’t get good distance on casts into the wind.  Dog days are in full force as the Sand Sharks were all over the bait.  Rough day at the office for the artist formerly known as Dr Himler.  The Great Coach has been feeling the pressure of having to take that next step and was off his game on this day, as it was the Honorable Fishy Jackson himself who did all the heavy lifting, landing 3 Dogfish and 3 Robins.

Coach landed a nice jumbo Puffer to get on the board upon arrival at the pier, which was followed by another Dog landed by Fishy.  With the baitfish populations severely depleted by Hurricane Sandy the Piers lack the plethora of bait from previous years.  However, Lord Jackson did spot some catchable-lookin bait for the Micro Hooks a few feet under surface that were potentially Sand Eels, but turned out to be some crazy small newborn Snappers.  The Micro Snappers were live-lined breifly before the intensifying humidity forced evacuation of the premises.  Lord Jackson has ordered the Great Coach to take a week off in order to rediscover his inner Dragon, and get mentally prepared to return to Glory next weekend.

Results: 4 Dogfish, 3 Sea Robins, 1 Puffer, some Micro Snappers


Fishy Jackson, Aqua D
Location: Shinnecock

Aqua D’s much anticipated summer debut was marred due to a ridiculous buildup of sea weed at the Ponquoge Bridge, as well as a late start that allowed a ridiculous amount of other fisherman to arrive first at the Inlet Jetty.  There appeared to be a fisherman every square foot of the Jetty.  Humidity was out of control as well.  The AQUA Lordette did manage to get on the board by getting down on some Bergall action under the bridge.  Tis imperative to arrive very early to the Shinny Region for success.


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