7/16/13-7/17/13: Bugged out/Dogged out

Fishy Jackson, AQUA-D
Location: Bobby Moses
Time/Tide: 7:30-9:30 pm / Low tide around 8:30 pm
Bait: Bunker Chunks

Solid debut at the surf for the masterful Lady of the Lords AQUA-D.  Ocean flat as a lake but the deadly combo of north wind and an invasion of black flies made the conditions damn tough.  Apparantly if the unstoppable, ruthless black flies are around they will wreak havoc on a north wind.  Mrs. Jacksonette swiftly landed her first ever Sea Robin followed by her first ever Smooth Dogfish, a 3+ foot beast.  Robs and Dogs were the only creatures hooked after toughing out 2 hours of rabid fly attacks.

Results: Robs & Dogs


D's Big Doggy

D’s Big Doggy

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 6-7:15 am / low tide 8:20 am
Bait: Clams, Sandworms, Bunker Chunks

The Black Flies continued their relentless harrassment and seemed to be in even deeper numbers than the previous day.  Lord Jackson set up for Kingfish/Croakers with the Clams and Worms but it appears low tide is officially not the time to target these creatures.  No bites of any sort.  All previous successes for Kings at the surf were on higher tide.  The Great Coach recieved one nice hit on the Bunker but otherwise was a miserable lifeless scene.  After the 1 millionth fly bite the towel was thrown.  Jones Beach appears pretty crappy at low tide.

Fishy Jackon, AQUA-D
Location: Bobby Moses
Time/Tide: 8:20 – 9:45 pm
Bait: Clam., Bunker Chunks

Black Flies disappeared with the change in wind direction.  Surf still extremely calm to the point that Fishy set up shop with the light action Penn Battle 3000 combo rod.  The 8 ft rod was set up with large Bunker Chunks hoping for potential large beast, perhaps Shark or Stingray.  The Battle rod with smaller hooks and clam saw all the action as the onslaught of Dogs and Robins continued.  The Bunker chunks spent most of the time getting crabbed up.  Fishing once again at low tide did not help matters.

Results: Numerous Dogfish and Sea Robins, infinite fly bites and crabbed up baits


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