8/3/13: Hudson Perch Serch- The Search has not ended

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav
Location: Dyckman Pier, Bronx (Lower Hudson River, Polyhaline Brackish Zone)
Bait: Bloodworms, Clam
Time/Tide: 7: 30 – 10 am/ Max Hi Tide around 7:30 am

Optimism that the elusive White Perch would finally be located was at an all time high.  The time had come to make the trek to the Perchy lower Hudson River after numerous failed Perch missions in the South Shore tidal creeks.  Smooth ride to the pier, arrived to fishy lookin conditions with some nice overcast and off and on rain.  Set up with hi-lo rig w/ small hooks and bloodworms, fresh clam belly on the bigger hook for potential Striper.  The optimism lasted a good five minutes or so before it became evident this may be a Perchless region on this day.  After about an hour some minor nibbles led to Lord Jackson landing the mysterious Spotted Hake, ending a 5 month new-fish drought for the Fishy Wonder.  These fish are said to come inshore during the winter but it seems they take year-round residence in the lower Hudson.  A potential Spotted Hake Mission was on tap for the cooler months but will not be necessary now.  The Hake was live-lined but got no action.  This one weird little creature would be the only fish caught for the whole duration.  The Great Coach’s slump continued, as he not only went fishless but was also defeated 3 straight times in NHL13 after.

Results: 1 Spotted Hake (Sea Animal #103)



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