8/19/13: Beastly Encounter: 1st true Beast of year

Dolo Jackson AKA the Lone Jackman
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 6:50 pm – 9 pm/ Hi Tide around 6:30 pm
Bait: Clam, Croaker, Bunker

“Wow bro, there’s a strong hint of Glory in the air out here” – Text message sent by Fishy Jackson to EsQuire P immediately upon arrival at the Surf.

Indeed, the scene exuded an aura of unmistakable Glory.  Shop was set up with the Penn Battle rod and small hooks w/ clam for potential Croakers/Kings while the larger rod was deadsticked with a fat bunker chunk.  Thousands of Spot Croakers lined the surf line behind the first set of breakers.  IMG_0983  The water was filled with seaweed, fishable yet a nuisance that threatened to derail potential Glory.  Alas, as the tide began to start going out the weeds began to subside quickly.  The bunker was removed in favor of a live Croaker but saw no action for the first half hour.  The switch was made to a fresh chunk of the Croaker and within 5 minutes of the bait switch a monstrous Beast took off with the bait like a freight train.  After about 10 minutes of ripping line it was believed the Fishy Wonder had hooked into a Shark until the Beast suctioned itself into the sand, where it would remain for the next hour or so.  The battle was at a stand still as the Beast was unmovable.  Some local park workers saw the fight and kicked back and even chummed the air with Lord Jackson, as all witnesses awaited to see what Beast would eventually show itself.  The question now was which species of Stingray would emerge.  Multiple times throughout the fight Fishy let the line go slack in hopes the Ray would believe he was unhooked and would start to swim but the Beast refused to budge.  Finally, progress began to be made as the Beast got dragged in to the beach inch by inch.  After hour and 20 minutes the Ray emerged, a fat beastly Cownose Ray, estimated 60-70 lbs or so.  Took over 5 minutes just to pull him all the way up the steeply sloped beach.  Finally beached, Lord Jackson began to walk back to get the camera when utter devastating disaster struck.  The thrashing beached beastly animal managed to wrap himself in the line and broke through the braid.  Unwilling to try to grab the Ray as it was now unhooked for fear of it’s barb stinger, they could do nothing but watch in horror as it flapped its way to the Ocean and was taken away by the first wave.  No picture, utter devastation, Fishy launched the crappy Okuma Diesel rod like a javelin into the night.

***It has been decided, this is an official catch despite lack of photographic evidence.  #104 Cownose Ray… The beast was beached and could have been grabbed after it wrapped itself in the line if not for fear of the tail.

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