8/27/13: Whoa Whoa Bobby Mo’- Doggosaurus

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac, Morf Dorsal
Location: Robert Moses Field 5
Time/Tide: 7 – 8:50 pm/ Low Tide around 7 pm
Bait: Bunker, Clam

Ocean calm from the north wind, black flies out of control but subsided as the sun began to set.  The Beaverian Coach aka Señor Himler, mired in a season long slump, temporarily broke thru by landing a Clearnose Skate not long after arrival to get on the board.  This surprisingly marked the first Clearnose Skate caught in the Surf all season by the Fishy Squadron.  The Honorable Fishy Wonderlord followed with a couple Skates of his own before landing a behemoth Dogfish that initially ripped out line like a real Shark.  Morf Dorsal avoided the dreaded 0-fer by landing a small Dog to end the day.  It appears a bunch of sand was taken from Field 5, presumably to dump on the beaches in need of sand after Sandy, which seems to have potentially hurt the fishing prospects of the beach by flattening it out too much.

Results: 1 Skate, multiple Dogs


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