9/6/13-9/8/13: Objectives not met, however the effort exuded was Honorable

Back to back dolo missions for the Most Dynamic Mister Oceanic, looking for a beastly creature or a random new sea animal.

9/6: Jones Beach- 6:45-8:45 am/ Hi Tide around 10ish

Caught first Kingfish of the year on the first cast, then nothing but Robin after Robin after Robin.  Had some large fresh bunker chunks in the water for a potential beast but nothing doing.

Results: 1 Kingfish, 5 Robins


9/7: Moses Docks- 7-10 am/ Hi Tide around 10:30

Live-lined a couple Snapper and fresh Bergall chunks, no action, too much seaweed.  Got it poppin with the Sabiki trying to catch something random but was not to be, just too many Porgies and Sea Bass around.  Porgies were rolling almost as deep as the Sea Bass.  The Micro hooks got some work in as the Silversides were back in force at the docks unlike last time.


Results: Snapper, Porgies, Sea Bass, Puffers, Bergalls, Silversides

9/8: Shinnecock- Seine mission by Ponquoge Bridge
Featuring: Chris

Attempted to catch some tropical fish in a marshy area that fit the description of where these fish seek refuge after getting swept up by the Gulf Stream.  Seined all through the eel grass and surrounding area for nothing but Killis and Silversides.  Fishy Jackson was later informed by some local divers that they have not been seeing the tropicals this season.

Promising Seining Region

Promising Seining Region

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