9/28/13: Fishy Squadron update- Plundering Pete with some Prehistoric Heroics, while elsewhere EsQuire P gets on the board

The Fishy Wonder has been MIA for a few weeks but this has not stopped the Fishy Squadron from picking up the slack in Lord Jackson’s absence…

Plundering Pete called upon the Guide from the River Monsters episode to take him out Alligator Gar fishing deep in the heart of Texas, and he done went and landed multiple prehistoric beasts.

IMG_1106IMG_1107 IMG_1108


The self-knighted EsQuire P broke out of his Striple-less slump and landed a couple schoolie Stripers at his new CSH jumpoff spot.  As a result of this EsQuire breakthrough, Coach Beav Mac is now the official frontrunner for Worst Fishing Season of 2013.


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