10/5/13: The Perch Serch hath concluded…***Plus bonus late night action at the EsQuire jumpoff spot

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav
Location: Hudson River- Dyckman pier Bronx jumpoff spot
Time/Tide: 7:30 – 9:30 am/ Hi Tide around 9:30 am
Bait: Fresh Claim, Blood Worms, Bunker

Lord of Honor Fishy Jackson returned to the Hudson scene to wrap up this Perch Serch once and for all.  Conditions were damn solid- Overcast and real light wind.  Within 5 minutes of getting the sabiki with worm/clam in the water Fishy landed another mysterious Spotted Hake- this time a much nicer size.  Regrettably Fishy did not opt to get a pic of this creature as it had managed to bite 2 of the sabiki hooks and had to get back in water quickly.  A short while later some nibbles led to the hooking of a smallish White Perch…the elusive little scrappy bastard had finally been located by the Jackson Wonder.  After numerous failed missions on Long Island, it took a trip to a shady dock in the Bronx in filthy contaminated Lower Hudson waters to find them.  Clearly these fish are not even remotely as elusive in the lower Hudson as they have proven to be in the South Shore tidal creeks.  Coach Beav got on the board with a slightly larger Perch shortly after, followed by landing an Oyster Toadfish, the first Toad the Fishy Squadron had encountered in NY in many years.  The Toad swallowed the hook and there was no choice but to the cut the hook and toss him back.  A good 45 minutes of no action went by before Fishy landed the same stupid Toadfish that Coach had caught, clearly unfazed by having Coach’s hook in it’s mouth.  A Perch was livelined but saw no action at all and was tossed back alive.  The bunker chunks saw no action either.  Shortly after the Toad was re-caught, the disturbed crackhead dude that had been passed out on the other bench awakened and started screaming randomly, signaling time for the Squadron to make a swift exit from the creep show shady dock.

Results: 2 White Perch (#106), 1 Spotted Hake and Toadfish for Fishy, 1 Perch and a Toadfish for the Great Coach


Re-caught Toadfish w/ Beav's hook in mouth

Re-caught Toadfish w/ both hooks in mouth


***10/5/13: Bonus action late night Jumpoff mission

Featuring: EsQuire P & friends
Location: EsQuire CSH beach spot
Time/Tide: 8:30 – 1:30 am/ Hi Tide around 12:15 am
Bait: Bunker Chunks

EsQuire narrowly missed a massive runoff from what was likely a large Striped Creature of the Salts.  The fish was hooked but made a sharp turn right at the beach and a violent head shake shook the hook, sending EsQuire into a deep despair that was unconsolable despite a healthy supply of air chum and cold coors/buds.  EsQuire had missed a massive runoff a few nights prior from what was likely the same exact fish, a quite intelligent fish that at least temporarily has Squire’s number.  Cuzzo came through with a Sea Robin to get on the board and inspire the Squad keep trucking along.  Finally, with the bait supply near depleted and the tide reaching it’s peak, it was none another than the Fishy Wonder of the World, the Honorable Oceanic Don Doddah Fishy Jackson to break the Striped Barrier with a small Striped Bass.  This catch offered partial validation for the trip, however it is imperative it’s parents be landed next time.


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