10/21/13 + couple other days: Where art thou Old Hickory? Baby Stripes in the Shad spot

Location: CSH Jumpoff spot
Bait:  2 sabiki hooks w/ smallish Kastmaster tied to end

Having received word that Captain James Hook landed a Herring in the back of the CSH Jumpoff spot at sunset, some swift investigations and analyzations led to the identification of this creature as a Hickory Shad.  Herring don’t arrive til late November generally and this fish had the distinguishing black spot on it’s shoulder that Hickory’s have.  With the Perch Serch having ended Shad Hunt 2013 was officially underway.  The Honorable Lord Jackson was on the scene accompanied by EsQuire P the day after the Shad discovery, however managed nothing but a Snapper and a small Striper for EsQuire.

Fishy returned to the scene a few days later on 10/21 for a brief dolo mission at sunset and noticed he drove past Old Hickory Lane on the way, clearly a sign from the Earths that Hickory Shad are in the vicinity.  After moving around a bit to find some deep enough water with the tide being quite low, Fishy Jackson recieved a very Hickoryish strike on the lure.  It appeared the Shad Hunt was over until a smalled striped sea animal appeared on the hook.  Another small but bigger schoolie Striper was landed just before darkness.  The Shad Hunt will continue after the Cold Front…

Jimbo's Hickory Shad

Jimbo’s Hickory Shad


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