10/28/13: Oh Hickory Oh Hickory: The Shad has been Had…assist to Captain James Hook

Fishy Jackson, Jimmy Hooks
Location: CSH Shad spot
Lure: Shad Dart tied to couple sabiki hooks
Time/Tide: Sunset- Hi tide around 7 pm

Shad Hunt 2013 has reached it’s dramatic conclusion, equipped with the kind of Fairy Tale ending usually only seen in movies.  After a lifeless Shad mission a few days earlier with the Gatekeeper of the Cold Spring Waterways, Esquire P, it became clear the Fishy Squadron had not been showing the Shad the respect they deserve.  The time had come to place the Shad on a pedestal, praise the Great Hickory and all that it stands for…As the oldtime Shad Hunters used to say: “Praiseth thy Hickory…Placeth thy Shad on Pedestal”…  Thoust must be sincere when Shad Praising, for then and only then willst the Shad feel truly respected and ready to bite a well presented Shad Dart…

After a couple days of Shad Praising the Honorable Lord Jackson decided to test the waters at sunset for a brief dolo mission.  The first 20+ minutes went much like the previous trip featuring a large Hickoryish fish jump in the distance but no hits at all.  Fishy was making his last few casts when a mysterious figure appeared in the distance … out emerged Captain James Hook, the Sea Warden of the Norths, looking for some late sunset action with the remaining daylight.  A natural when it comes to Huntin’ Hickory, Jimmy Hooks is the man responsible for the Shad mission having broke through the Shad Barrier 3 weeks prior.  With daylight running out Fishy Jackson finally struck Hickory Paydirt, a nice healthy Shad was safely landed after a very respectable fight featuring a couple jumps.

However, the glorious ending to the Shad Hunt took a turn for the worse.  Lord Jackson was having a hard time with the cameras and thus took too long with the documentations.  The Shad was losing scales and struggling, with a sad tragic death looking inevitable to put a damper on the Glory.  Captain James Hook, being a wily old Vet took control and utilized his natural Shad Survival instincts to revive the Shad back to life, restoring full Glory and delivering a Fairy Tale ending to Shad Hunt 2013.

Results: Sea Animal #107 Hickory Dickory Shad


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