11/19/13: November Cow Rush- EsQuire Epic: A for effort…C for Cow

Twas an epic tale of tragedy, betrayal, greed, near death expierences, heart pounding drama, and finally…A Glorfied Restoration of Honor….

Indeed, with Fishy Jackson having hung up the boots for the season, the onus was on EsQuire P to deliver Striped Glory in the Honor of the Fishy Squadron.  This man braved it all, travelling east west north and south, fishing through ‘Deadliest Catch’ type  conditions and frigid temps.  Using a solid supply of Air Chum to keep pushing, as well as an unrelenting desire to strike Cow Gold, EsQuire P risked his life on the Atlantic last week through massive waves and gusting winds only to get skunked.  With the aid of the respected veteran fisherman Captain Ted, the duo did not give up after the conditions made the Atlantic unfishable.  They threw the boat back on the trailor and headed northward to the Sound, where they again plowed through the high seas for hours only to find no Striped Life.  Undeterred, EsQuire continued the Striped Pursuit on dry land in CSH as he had throughout the long cold month, but the Striped SeaBeings still proved elusive.

And then…See this excerpt from EsQuire’s latest Diary entry:

“Ere a spring which seems so long long ago.  A Quest began…A Quest which led to many long lifeless hours of getting the head right and chumming the air.  Through the hot days of summer to a fall which began with promise and hope.  Alas…, only shorts were had…and even near death experiences in the Ocean of Atlanic, as well as the Sound of Long Island led to nothing but more chum in the air and more days of despair…But then there was a river.  A river east of a city.  An East River to be exact.  And EsQuire fought to the bitter end…in the name of the Fishy Squadron…and then finally…”


Caught on a live eel near the Statue of Liberty after a full night of fishing…headed out 10:30 pm, the Cow struck at 7 AM…

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