Early Feb update: Geno The Rod bonus coverage

***Bonus Geno the Rod coverage- Fishy Jackson would like to thank Geno the Rod, the Grandfather of all Sea Youths, for putting in some work in the Gulf Waters while Fishy remains in hibernation….While the fish catches were not earth shattering this time, it is quite clear he earned the respect of the locals down there.  Fellow boaters went well out of their way to drive past his boat to pay homage to The Rod and wave at him.

Below is the official published document of the Geno fishing report, written by Gene with a Rod tip that had been dipped in ink…

“The Rod hit the waters of Naples, Florida this past week to see if the cooler temperatures down South this winter had any impact on the quality of fishing. He set out on the seas on the “Lady Brett” out of the Tin City peer around 7:45 AM and used squid and mackerel to try to attract goliath grouper and snapper. The charter went 10-15 miles off shore where they anchored and let the lines down. Many grouper and white grunt were caught early, few reaching the size limit. The largest grouper caught was 18.5 inches, which was caught by the Rod’s legendary father, Angler Zuppe De Pesce (Fish Soup). With great effort, The Rod brought home five white grunts and stories to tell the grandchildren.”


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