3/9/14-3/11/14: Gulf Takeover- March Jackness: Earthly by Land, Lordly by Sea

Featuring: Este Dot AKA Conway Stingray Irwin Bowman AKA The 9th Bannerman
Location: Sarasota

3/9 Morning Touchdown– The Honorable Lord Fishy Jackson…Fishly Wonder of the Earths & Protector of the Oceanized Lands….linked up with the Applaudable Chief Lieutenant Este Dot…Nine Chapters wit Nine Sub-Chapters…

Daily Evening Beach-dock Excursions

Opening Day:  Armored with a couple Sabiki rods as well as a couple larger rods more adequately equipped for Beastly Encounters, the objective was set forth to catch some fresh oily bait, preferably some Ladyfish to use for chunks.  After a half hour passed without even so much as a nibble, early signs of Delirium were beginning to set in when suddenly Lord Jackson’s Sabiki rod took off and was in danger of being spooled by a Beast too heavy for the sabiki gear.  Alas, this did not stop the Fishy Savage from battling the Animal for over an hour.  It was quickly determined the Beast was likely a Stingray and extreme patience would be required to have any chance of landing it on the Sabiki rod.  Este Dot, free of any Stingray Obligations, put in some quality work hauling in a plethora of species while Lord Jackson was compromised by the Ray.  Bonnetheads, Bluefish, Ladyfish, and the first small Blacktips were all swiftly landed by the Dot.

After an hour of hopelessly trying to tire out the Ray, Fishy decided to put the rod back in the rodholder and get in on the other action with the other rod, ultimately landing a couple Sharks and nice fat Bluefish.  Finally the large Ray would break off the Sabiki hook and would presumably head off into the sunset… but this dumb oaf of a Creature inhaled Este Dot’s chunk immediately after breaking off the sabiki hook.  This time with the proper tackle to land the Beast, Este dragged the Beast on to the Beach after another 20 minutes or so of fighting.  The creature was officially deemed a Southern Stingray, likely 40 lbs or so.


The Following Evening Beach Sessions: Each saw their fair share of Glory, as another 20+ Blacktips would go on to be landed, mostly small with a few decent sized mixed in.  A few beastly Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel’s also found their way to a Jacksonated Hook.  Este Dot found himself tangled up with another Beastly Stingray, this time well over 100 lbs and after an hour plus fight of barely being able to move the thing Este cut the line and went back to work on the Sharks.  At one point Fishy landed a Shark that could potentially be ID’d as a Spinner Shark, but thus far it’s identity remains inconclusive at best.  Another major runoff or 2 by perhaps very large Sharks were unfortunately not hooked


Boat Action- 3/10 and 3/11:

Boat Day 1- The Honorable Squad of Jackness were rendered mere mortals at the mercy of the Goliath Grouper on the first offshore trip.  Though a couple of target Groupers were located out on the reef the first day, the Jewfish proved too hungry to sneak them up to the surface.  Multiple rigs were lost to these massive beasts as they are true mammoths.  Fishy Jackson deemed the best option was to keep a rod with a hooked Goliath in the rod holder so the Goliath would be occupied, then perhaps some other Groupers could be brought to the boat.  Alas, nothing desirable was biting.  Sabiki action produced a plethora of fish at the reef including a nice Triggerfish and some Sheepshead, but no new fish for the Fishy Wonder.


 Boat Day 2-  Though no Goliaths were encountered, strong winds and increasingly choppy seas made it tough sleddin out on the Reefs.  The Squad planned to try some more drifting this time, looking to locate some nice fish before setting up shop with the anchor.  However, the winds proved too strong for efficient drifting, so the SQuad anchored up on a couple of different pieces that proved to be quite unproductive with nary even a single solid runoff.  Also still no random fish with the smaller hooks, but a multitude of decent Mangrove Snappers were brought up.


Day 2 was salvaged on the way back in to the Marina.  Casting under docks in the inlet produced a glorious 32 inch Bull Redfish pushing 15 lbs landed by The Dot on the light action rod.


Though the offshore conditions were fishable, it was apparant the Jackson Squad would have put forth an utterly dominant performance had the conditions been prestine.   It would be stating the obvious that in better conditions Cobias and Tripletail would’ve been jumping into the boat to pay their respects, while 6 ft Lemon Sharks would have to wait in line behind 10 ft Tigers Sharks before being blessed with a Jackson hook in the jaw….

All in all a solid excursion with boatloads of action but no new creatures…

Micro Remorse:  Fishy Jackson is saddened to report that he forgot his Micro Gear and was unable to unleash his Microtic OnSlaught on the unsuspecting lil’ fishes.

Creatures caught: Southern Stingray, 30+ Blacktip Sharks, Bonnethead Shark, Bull Redfish, Bluefish, Spanish Macks, Ladyfish, Slippery Dick, Gray Triggerfish, Sheepshead, Mangrove Snapper, Blue Runner, Jack Crevalle, Scrawled Cowfish, Cubbyu, Bandtail Puffer, Pinfish, Pigfish, Spottail Pinfish, Tomtate Grunt, White Grunt

Bonus Trivia Question: Did another Jackson Rod go overboard and end up sacraficed to the Seas?  And did this rod also feature a Penn Battle reel?

*Note* The answer to the Trivia Question will never be revealed.

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