5/25/14: Jonez Action- Fishy gets on the (Surf)Board

Dolo Jackson
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 6:45 AM – 8:30 AM / Hi Tide 5:10 AM

After a month and half hiatus due to work and annoying weather, the Fishy Wonder headed down to the sanded coastal region for a surf appearance at the request of the fans.  The conditions were quite pristine with light winds, clean water and managable waves, but the fish did not get the memo that Lord Jackson had arrived.  Fishy did manage to get on the board at the surf with a couple Clearnose Skates, which also marked the fist action on the new St Croix Mojo Surf rod.  Whilst Skates are not considered a desirable commodity by the majority of fishermen, these odd creatures are known to be cherished by a few select Europeans, particularly the Danish.  Fishy fondly recalls a surf encounter with a spry old Danishman a few years back, whom had crossed the Atlantic in his Dingy boat just to get a crack at reeling in some Clearnose Skates.

Results: 2 Clearnose Skates


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