6/1/14: Micro Work- Juvenile Pollock

Dolo Jackman
Location: Moses Piers
Time/Tide: 7-9 AM/ Hi Tide 11 am

Fishy tried to spark off June with some action at the Moses Piers but the fishing was garbage.  Twas a desolate scene as no fish were observed caught by fellow pier fishermen or nearby boat fishermen.  Soaked some bunker and threw a bucktail tipped w/ Gulp Mullet for no takers.  Even the ole reliable hi-lo small hooks rig w/ clam didnt produce a single nibble.  The onus was on the Micro Rod to land some form of gilled animal and it came through as Lord Jackson nabbed some mysterious small fish hanging out in the calm part of the dock, later identified as juvenile Pollock.

20140601_08233520140601_102831Juvenile Pollock

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