6/21/14: Friday Night Dogging: The Ecosystem is Unbalanced

Dolo Jackman
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 8pm-12am/ Hi tide 9:15 pm

Fishy popped off the ‘Beast off the Beach’ 2014 Campaign friday night, putting in a solid 4 hours with the solid weather.  Quite discouragingly, it was nothing but Dog after Dog after Dog after Dog after Skate after Dog.  Fresh Bunker chunks sliced to perfection with a Saw Blade thing (Fishy forgot the knife), were well presented for a passing Snaggletooth Shark or some other Beastly Animal, but the hungry Dogfish allowed them no time to find the bait.  This is a growing epidemic with these greedy, conniving, soul-less Dogfish gnawing at fresh Bunker Chunks before a desirable Animal can claim the chunk forth himself.  This was not fishing, this was dogging.

Before tossing the final hooked Dogfish back into the Seas, Lord Jackson stared him right in the eyes and became convinced… these Creatures have no Souls.

Results: Many Dogs, 1 Skate


Makeshift baitknife

Makeshift baitknife

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