6/29-7/2/14: Gulf Takeover- Glimmers of Glory amidst tough conditions *Updated 8/7- Fish ID

Fishy Jackson, AQUA D
Location: Sarasota, Fl

Windy conditions and choppy seas on the Gulf prevented any Offshore Explorations or Surf Sharking, however a long new-species drought was ended by the Reputable Guardian, Lord Fishy Jackson, whom landed 5 or 6 new Sea Animals.  Of course no Florida trip would be complete without Fishy getting d*cked over by the boat rental people, whom wouldnt let Fishy take his reserved boat out in the Bay because it was an offshore boat (even though it had a relatively shallow console).  Thus confined solely to land fishing, some respectable work was still accomplished, especially on the Micro tip.

AQUA D displayed professionalisms in her first Florida action, as the Mother of Malteses came through with a few solid catches including a Scrawled Cowfish and a Red Grouper that was missing it’s tail.

Species caught: Gulf Killifish(#108), Silver Jenny (#109), Atlantic Spadefish(#110), Scaled Sardine(#111), Belted Sandfish(#112), Beaugregory Damselfish, Spottail Pinfish, Pinfish, Pigfish, Mangrove Snapper, White Grunt, Red Grouper, Southern Puffer, Bandtail Puffer, Scrawled Cowfish, Tomtate Grunt

Sea Animals from the Piers

Quality work was done on the small fish at the docks, mostly the New Pass docks, but couldnt get any good hits when live-lining these fish, aside from a Reg Grouper caught on a sardine and a strange Lobster encounter.  A random Damselfish which resembles a Damselfish caught by Fishy in Key West is currently awaiting identifications.  The dock was full of small Scaled Sardines in massive numbers which began aggressively attacking the sabiki rigs.  The Fishy Wonder was surprisingly previously unable to get these white baits around the dock to bite.  A Belted Sandfish, a species first discovered by the Militaristic Este Decimal Dot, was also landed.  Fishy also paid a brief visit to the pier in Anna Maria Island and landed the elusive Atlantic Spadefish.

Atlantic SpadefishAtlantic SpadefishMystery DamselfishOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATailess Red GrouperOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAD Scrawled CowfishD TomtateScaled SardineScaled SardineBelted Sand croppedBelted Sandfish20140630_100458Some dude's ToadfishRed GrouperBaby Red GrouperLongbeaked birdPelicans

Sea Animals from the Mangroves

Micro-work in the protected Mangrove region in the backyard produced some Gulf Killifish and a mystery Mojarra species still awaiting identifications, in addition to baby pinfish and snapper.  The Killifish marked the first Florida Killi Action for Lord Jackson.


Gulf KillifishMystery Mojarra
20140630_08514220140629_183642Mystery MojarraGulf Killifish

*Update- 7/28/14- The mystery Damselfish was identified by a reef fish expert as a Beaugregory Damselfish

*Update 8/7/14- The mystery Mojarra was identified by a Fish DNA Test by the honorable company Applied Food Technologies, as a Silver Jenny*

Silver Jenny DNA Test

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