7/17/14: Fishy Am Legend- The Brownz iz in Town

Dolo Jackman
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 8-10 pm/ Hi Tide around 12:30 am
Bait: Fresh Bunker Chunks
Final Score: Fishy Jackson 1, Sharks 0

Brown Shark

The crisp Jones Beach air was filled with familiar Glory as Fishy Jackson arrived to extremely Sharkish conditions, featuring weed-less waters and a relatively rough surf that wasn’t too rough to hold bottom with 6 oz. and bait.  This was not the first time Fishy had sensed Glory in the air upon arrival, however these Molecules of Glory were thicker than usual.  A fellow surf fisherman spotted Lord Jackson approaching and immediately conceded his spot so Fishy would not have to walk too far to get set up.  While it is possible that this fisherman was just simply done for the day, it is far more likely he gave up his spot for Lord Jackson’s convenience.

Nothing but a Sea Robin was landed during the first hour, but a nearby fisherman was seen landing a Striper in the distance and Fishy had received a large strike that just missed getting hooked.  Most importantly, it seemed that any potential roaming Beasts wouldn’t have to compete with the Dbag Dogfish for the bait as the region appeared to be Dog-less.  It wasn’t more than a few minutes after darkness when the Dorsaled Animal struck…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……Yards and yards of line were dragged out as the Beast made it’s first long run.  There was never any doubt as to whether it was a Shark or not; the sheer power of the runs and violent head shakes were a dead giveaway.  The only question was which species of Shark would appear and whether the fish would ultimately be beached by the Honorable Fishtilian Lord.  A 20 minute battled ensued and ultimately the Sandbar Shark aka Brown Shark was swiftly beached…’Beast off the Beach 2014′ Campaign is in full swing, Lord Jackson Paintin’ the Town Brown…

After some documentations were taken, reality set in for Fishy that it was going to be difficult to get this Beast back into the Seas.  The leader snapped as Fishy began trying to drag It into the water.  Being the only human currently in sight on the beach, the Fishtilian had no choice but to drag the Beast by it’s tail inch by inch into the water.  Occasionally the Beast would try to chomp at Fishy, making the process more difficult.  Every time it appeared the Shark was far enough into the water a big wave would come and send him back onto the beach.  Eventually the Fishy Wonder was waist deep in the water when the Shark finally kicked away and Fishy sprinted out of the water at lightning speed to avoid a revenge attack.

Results: 1 Brown Shark (Sea Animal #113), 1 Robin

Brown SharkBrown SharkBrown Shark

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