7/21/14: EsQuire P has joined the 29.5 lb Club…7/24/14: Fishy gets shutdown in followup Beast Quest

EsQuire Cow Hunt
Location: Montauk

The Squire formerly known as Oskar P has officially joined the 29.5 lb Striped Club, a club only slightly less prestigious than the coveted 30 lb Club.  A less honorable man would surely have stuffed a 5 oz weight in the mouth of this gluttonous striped beast, but it’s evident Squire plans on skipping the 30 percentiles altogether and joining the 40 lb Glory Syndicate next time out.  This fish was caught Monday on a live eel while aboard renowned Cow Hunter Captain Ted’s Cattle SlaughterVessel.

Squire CowIMG_2461

7/21/14 & 7/24/14
Dolo Jackman
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide (7/24): 8-11 pm/ Hi Tide around 6:30 pm
Final Score: Sharks defeat Fishy Jackson, by not biting

The Fishtilian made the trek to Jones on 7/21/14, but took only one cast before departing due to insanely thick disgraceful seaweed, probably from the damn east wind.

Fishy returned to the scene 7/24/14 and found no seaweed thanks likely to the north wind.  Twas a quite pleasant evening but some Jackson Hater must have tipped off the fish that the Fishtilian was coming as they refused to bite.  1 crappy Skate was all Fishy had to show for his 3 hours of hard work.


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