8/3/14-8/8/14: Myrtle Misery- The UnFertile Waters of Mertile…***Plus Bonus Fishy Squadron Action

Fishy Jackson, Aqua D
Location: Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet
Potential new Species relatively common in this region: Southern Flounder, Black Drum, Atlantic Cutlassfish, Atlantic Croaker, Sea Bream, Spinner Shark, Tiger Shark, other animals

Twas the last day of the trip, the last hurrah for The Fishtilian.  Until this point, the fishing had been miserable, but optimism was still prevelant in the Jackson Circles.  The Most Dynamic Oceanic Fishy Jackson arose early and got down to Springmaid Pier before the 1,060 ft ocean dock was too crowded, and proceeded to cover as much ground as possible, casting a shiny “Gotcha Plug” off both sides of the pier.  This plug is considered to be a “Ribbonfish” magnet, and Fishy Jackson did witness an old man nab a Ribbon on this lure the last time Fishy had graced this pier.  Sure enough, on the fifth cast Lord Jackson hooked his first of 5 Ribbonfish  As had been the case in Fishy’s previous visit to the ocean pier, no Ribbon was hooked.

With Live Mullet having failed to produce on the previous attempt, Fishy this time proceeded to set up shop with the hi-lo rig with live shrimp, and within minutes got into a decent sized Black Drum caught absolutely nothing on it…but did lose the bait to some Pinfish!

The sabiki tipped with fishbites and shrimp did major minor damage on the small fish under the pier as a good variety of species only tons of Pinfish and 1 Thread Herring were brought up when it was used.

On the way back from Springmaid, Fishy picked up a few live Finger Mullets and made a quick stop at Veteran’s Pier in the Inlet.  Fishy found some space to operate and began casting out the live mullet with a slow retreive.  Though this method, as well as just still fishing the live fish, had failed prior, this time a fat keeper Flounder was swiftly landed it failed once again.

Upon the return back to the beach, Fishy still had a few live shrimp and fished the beach with a hi-lo rig, getting into some fast action with Whiting, Pompano, Redfish and getting tons of bait stolen by Pinfish and landing merely 1 Bluefish.

That night, Fishy set up for Sharks off the beach with some fresh chunks.  Prior to this night, the small baby Sharpnose Sharks had proven to be too thick in the surf, nibbling up all the baits before larger fish could get to it until Fishy broke out the smaller hooks to land a few.  This night, after some brief nibbles from the small Sharks, Fishy got a major runoff and landed a nice 6 foot spinner shark.  A few Blacktip Sharks, a decent sized Ray, a couple of Skates and a Shovelnose Guitarfish were also landed Fishy proceeded to get more small nibbles from small Sharks and threw in the towel…

Myrtle Beach has lost it’s chance to secure a return visit from the Fishtilian, as the Fishy Wonder will be steering clear of this region likely for all eternity.  The fishing misery was sheer, the annoyance of the crowded tourism was utter, the lack of honor was readily apparant and transparant.  The Myrtle Waters are clearly not Fertile.  Though this is the Dog Days of Summer, and the tourism is out of control with the Piers crowded with casual terrible fisherman and the surfline packed with tourist swimmers most of the day, that is not enough of an excuse for the miserable fishing.  Fishy Jackson was in full force savage grind mode, grinding through a multi day stretch of little sleep and fishing through pain as the injuries piled up, getting little reward whatsoever for putting in a praisable effort and showcasing the patented Jackson dedication.  Fishy would get home from a night out around 10:30/11 pm and proceed to shark fish off the beach for a couple hours, then wake up early and head to the piers.  The only new fish caught were small Atlantic Croakers, easily the least important potential new species available here.  In addition, not once…not ONCE…did Fishy observe anyone catching any desirable fish (Flounder, Drum, Trout, Mackerel, etc) at any of the spots…You suck Myrtle…Fishy Jackson rather fish in a mud puddle in Iowa than fish in these crappy Myrtle Beach waters again.

Also, a special ‘you suck’ shoutout is due for the disgraceful 1/2 day party boat fishing vessel out of crazy sister marina.  Fishy & Aqua D attended the half day trip and caught nothing but baby Sea Bass on a rod better fit for large Tuna.  The miserable drift fishing method called for continuously having to let line out because of drifting in the strong current.  A truly disgracefully pathetic operation, if there is any justice this boat will be plundered by pirates before they take advantage of any more tourists.

Places fished: Springmaid Pier (Twice), Veteran’s Pier on the Inlet (3 times), the Surf (multiple times, day and night), and the crappy Party Boat in the ocean
Species caught: Atlantic Croakers (#114), a few Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks, tons of Pinfish, couple Bluefish, a few small Black Sea Bass, 1 Thread Herring, 1 Pigfish, lost a Sharksucker
Other Species observed caught: 1 Ribbonfish, 1 small Sea Robin, 1 Sharksucker

Atlantic CroakerAtlantic CroakerAtlantic Sharpnose SharkAtlantic Sharpnose SharkBluefish from the surfPins

8/7/14: On the Dot Update- Shark encounter off Moses

Unfortunately the return of Este Dot to Atlantic Waters coincided with Lord Jackson’s Myrtle Debacle.  Este ventured out to the Moses Region with a buddy from The Force and was greeted by a rough but clean surf.  The action was minimal until The Dot felt some action on his line.  Not thinking the fish was anything substantial, Este selflessly handed off the rod to his buddy so he could experience some surf action.  Shortly after passing off the rod, the line started ripping out like mad, it was clear Este had passed off a Shark.  Luckily, thru Este’s coaching his boy was able to beast the Brown Shark.  The Shark was hooked in the gill, explaining why Este was unable to tell it was a Shark at the time of the rod passing.  Whilst this may not be an official catch for The Dot, great Honor was still achieved by hooking his boy up with the fish and coaching him through the event.

Brown SharkBrown Shark

The Rod- Beastly Montauk Striper

Grandeisel Geno The Rod’s return to NY Waters also coincided with Lord Jackson’s Myrtle Debacle, but this did not stop The Rod from seeking Striped Glory out in the Mecca.  The Rod was heavily recruited by the local charter captains, creating a competitive bidding war for the chance to put The Rod on the fish.  Ultimately a local charter won the auction, and put The Rod on the fish they did…

Geno Striper

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