8/16/14, 8/17/14, 8/19/14: Rudderfish Hunt 2014- Utterly Rudderless thus far

Dolo Jackson
Location: Moses Docks

Time/Tide: 7:45-9:30 am/ Low Tide around 6:40 am

Fishy Jackson checked around the pilings to see if any Banded Rudderfish were congregating in the Inlet… no sightings at first.  The Eel Grass seaweed was relentless to the point that using a lure or deadsticking bait for Fluke/Blues was pointless, so Fishy went to work with the Sabiki tipped with Clam under the dock for a potential random fish, as well as the Kastmaster on the other rod for Snappers or a potential Northern Sennet.  For whatever reason, the sabiki wasn’t getting much action, and the Snappers didn’t seem to be around.  Frankly it was a truly pathetic scene harking back memories to the Myrtle Beach Debacle.  Twas around 9 am when Fishy spotted it: A single Rudderfish circling around a piling.  Fishy had briefly spotted these creatures once each of the last 2 seasons but was never able to entice a bite.  Lord Jackson tossed a piece of clam near it and the fish aggressively ate the clam.  However, after tossing some clam on a hook in front of it’s little Rudder face, the fish took one small nibble then proceeded to ignore the clam offering.  The fish also refused to bite the Kastmaster.  It was clear that a live Silverside would offer the best chance of hooking this fish, as it was observed occasionally attacking them when they came near.  Fishy had managed to hook 2 Silversides on the Micro hooks earlier in the morning, but now when it was truly needed the Silversides refused to bite.  Fishy was unfortunately up against the clock and was forced to leave the Rudderfish behind to head home for previously scheduled, non-fishing related obligations.

Time/Tide: 7-10 am/ Low Tide around 7:30 am

The Fishtilian was back on the scene the next morning, arriving to cloudy and pretty damn windy conditions.  Once again it was a struggle to hook the Silversides on the Micro hooks, but Fishy did come armed with frozen Silversides and Sandworms just in case.  The Sabiki with worms/squid this time saw a lot of action with mostly porgies, no encounters with any random southern fish.  Unfortunately, the Rudderfish refused to show himself on this day.  Apparantly this Rudderfish had better things to do than circle around the piling aimlessly as it had done the previous day.  In addition to the cloud cover limiting visibility, for whatever reason the current was absolutely ripping through the area so fast it would have been extremely difficult to get the bait in the Rudderfish’s face anyway.  Seeings that only one single Rudderfish was observed the prior day, it is possible this may be the only Rudderfish that was bold enough to enter into Fishy Jackson’s jurisdiction.  This Mudderfuddin Rudderfish will be hooked by The Fishtilian in due time…

Time/Tide: 6:45-9:15 am/ Low Tide around 9:30 am

Being the animalistic relentless Fish Warrior he is renowned for, Fishy Jackson returned to the scene Tuesday morning for another crack at this Rudderfish.  Once again this arrogant little bastard Rudderfish refused to return to his post at the piling.  The current was probably too relentless like the other day to catch it anyway, however.  It is now evident this Mudderfudder Rudder will have to be caught elsewhere.


Footage of the relentless seaweed

Results from 3 dock days: Bunch of Porgies, few Sea Bass & Puffers


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