8/24/14: Shinnecock Sciences- Snowy in August

Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Shinnecock
Time/Tide: 7-10 am/ Hi Tide around 7 am

The Fishtilian, alongside the Father Figure Chris, made the eastward trek to see what the science is out in the $hinnecock region…White Lab Coat Season in full effect.   The Squad posted up on the inlet jetty with Chris setup for Fluke and Fishy Jackson setup with the smalls hooks for potential random animals.  The Bergalls at the jetty were relentless and appalling, as there are apparently more Bergalls in the water than actual salt.  Fishy Jackson made the attempt to fish through the Bergalls in case something random found a hook but it wasn’t happening.

With Chris struggling on the Fluke front, Fishy left him behind and ventured off to see if any Rudderfish or Sennets were mixed in with the Snapper by the docks.  While the Snappers were out in full force, it became evident there was not much else but Snappers and Bergalls around.  However, just prior to writing the trip off as a failed mission, Lord Jackson spotted a tropical visitor hiding under the dock: the elegant Snowy Grouper, likely a victim of the Gulf Stream current.  The Fishtilian quickly broke out the Micro Hook and dangled a piece of squid in it’s face until he was swiftly landed.  This fish was brought in to the local bait shop fish tank, for it will likely die by mid-October in the wild when the temperatures drop.

Due to getting skunked with the Fluke, Chris has been barred from consuming any form of seafood for 6 calendar days.

Results: 1 Snowy Grouper (#116), infinite Snappers and Bergalls

Snowy GrouperSnowy GrouperSnowy Grouper20140824_09330820140824_092602

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