8/29/14: Jones Skunker- Debut of Larry the Lunker

Fishy Jackson, Introducing…Larry the Lunker AKA Largemouth Larry
Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 7:45-10:15 pm/ Hi Tide around 10:15 pm
Bait: Fresh Bunker

It appeared that The Lunker had picked a fine evening to make his Jackson Debut, with the managable winds and clean, weed-less waters.  Largemouth Larry approached the surf exuding a combination of sharp focus and wide-eyed youthful exuberance, for he had been preparing for this day for most of his life.

Largemouth Larry

The Lunker AKA Largemouth Larry in his Fishy Squadron debut

Unfortunately, optimism for an encounter with a beastly sea animal slowly began to dissipate as no hits of any sort were recieved for the majority of the session.  It wasn’t until a couple hours in that some small fish began to chomp at the bait, likely small Dogs.  It’s possible the barely moving tide during the session played a role in the skunkage.

Just prior to wrapping up, a group of what appeared to be Portuguese showed up rolling 6 deep.  For reasons defying logic one of them decided to fish literally 10 feet away from Lord Jackson despite there being many miles of open beach available.  Needless to say Fishy saw to it that this man was relocated from his spot, fortunately not requiring the use of force.

As reality began to set in that the dreaded skunk was inevitable, Fishy noticed that Larry The Lunker had a strange look in his eye.  He began huffing and grunting, clenching his fists and speaking in indecipherable tones…It was clear the Lords&Earths had instilled in Larry a deep, burning desire to conquer the seas…he will be back to get on the board before season’s end.

Results: SKUNK

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