9/6-9/7/14: Rudderfish/Tropical Hunt ’14- Still Utterly Rudderless but the Horses are Fluttering

Dolo Jackson

Location: Craptree docks
Time/Tide: 7-9:45 am/ Hi Tide around 5:30 am

Rudderfish had been rumored to be congregating over at the Craptree docks…but this information proved to be about as useful as a Sea Robin’s nutsack.  Gajillions of small Puffers made their presence known, as only a couple Sea Bass, a Kingfish and a Porgy beat the Puffers to a hook.  For whatever reason the Snappers wouldn’t bite, but this did not seem  to deter a group of people from sitting there snapper fishing for hours in the same spot not catching anything.

Largemouth Larry was scheduled to partake in this mission, but the rookie failed to awaken promptly.


Location: Marina in Pt Lookout
Time/Tide: 7:30-10 am

Lord Jackson emersed himself in the ecosystem in an effort to locate some tropicals in the Marina.  Numerous pilings were checked for potential Rudderfish but these animals again remained elusive for The Fishtilian.  Fishy spotted what appeared to be a potential tropical visitor fish at one section of the dock and spent a half hour fishing through ravenous Mummichogs to finally land it…though it turned out to be nothing but a small Bergall.  Fishy was asked to leave multiple times because fishing was not allowed at this marina but did still manage to stick it out for over 2 hours.

Aside from a bizarre looking juvenile Lookdown fish that passed through, no tropical visitor fish were witnessed.  However, upon a close examination of the water numerous SeaHorses were seen fluttering about, mixed in with some Pipefish.  Fishy dangle micro bait in their faces repeatably but could not coax a bite out of these fluttering creatures.  It turns out these creatures will only eat a live bait offering, as per research later done by The Fishtilian.  Eventually the Micro Hooks were set aside and The Fishtilian swiped the SeaHorse out of the water with his bare hand.  A random passerbyer d-bag told Fishy Jackson to throw the SeaHorse back in the water because it’s illegal to keep them and even implied he would contact the DEC.  Though Fishy wasn’t going to keep the fish anyway, this man was still told that he can go stick it up his assface…


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