September Surge&Purge- Coach Beav Mac has returned…*Plus On the Dot Update from the Leftern Coast

First Name Fishy did everything in his power to get some fresh new species but ultimately came up short.

9/20&9/21/14 Micro Fishing: The Micro Whisperer Fishy Jackson was back at the Micro Scene where the SeaHorses were observed, this time armed with tiny live Brine Shrimp to use as bait to hook one.  Unfortunately no Pipefish or SeaHorses were spotted this time so Fishy turned his attention to finding a possible Blenny or something random hiding in the sides of the dock.  The Fishtilian went into total weirdo Micro Mode, going down often on all fours and dangling tiny Micro baits off the side of the dock, baffling passerbyers as they tried to figure out what the hell Fishy was doing.  At one point Fishy was certain he nearly hooked the elusive Feather Blenny but it escaped and vanished.  After only being able to hook a couple of Killis Fishy finally hooked a tiny fish that appeared to be a new species.  It wasn’t until the next day that Lord Jackson was informed this little fish was just a baby Bergall.

Due to this letdown and because of the general sheer disappointment that Bergalls bring every time they are hooked, Bergalls have merged with Spottail Pinfish, regular Pinfish and Tomtate Grunts to form the ultimate Most Annoying Fish Species: The SpottailBergPinTate (Douchebagius Dogshitius).

Baby Bergall

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav
Location: Moses Docks
Time/Tide: 7:45-10 AM/ Hi Tide around 10 am

The Great Coach has returned from his shoulder injury and is now ready to start accepting compliments again.  Coming off a rough 2013 season that saw Coach Steve take about 3 steps back, it was apparent from the jump that this Coach had a big chip on his repaired shoulder.  Coach quickly landed a Snapper to get the Squad on the board and never looked back from there.  Though the action was not immediate, it eventually became a full out onslaught with a healthy variety of fish coming over the rail to greet Coach Beav.  Lord Jackson even landed a nice full-grown Hickory Shad, a fish that Fishy had successfully conquered the year prior.  A few Round Scad visiting from the Southern Waters were also landed, but no Rudderfish were seen.

Hickory ShadRound ScadSnappaSea BassSea BassPufferHickory ShadRound ScadBergallPorgy

Creatures caught: 1 big Hickory Shad, Round Scad, many Sea Bass & Porgies, Puffer, Bergall and Cocktailish size Bluefish

9/29/14: On The Dot Update- Baby Steps…The Dot is on the Board

Due to militaristic obligations, Este Dot had been stuck in Chapter 8, toiling fishless out in the Pacific Region until the page was finally turned recently to the familiar 9th Chapter.  Sheriff DOTtingham got his feet wet a couple of weeks ago on a party boat catching a few weird Pacific Creatures in 200+ ft of water but was unable to document the mission due to extreme harsh conditions on the Seas.  Now once again in windy conditions Monday evening, The Dot planted the Jackson Flag on a local ocean pier and proceeded to reel in a Pacific Gilled Animal.  This may have been the only creature landed, but this was a large baby step forward and will propel Este to future Pacific Conquests.

Pacific Staghorn Sculpin

Though the proper name of this fish is a Pacific Staghorn Sculpin (Leptocottus armatus), Fishy Jackson is too Atlanticized to accept Pacific Ichthyology, and will thus be naming these Pacific fish himself.  Clearly this fish is a Non-Striped Green-Peckered Sea Robin.

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