10/11-10/14/14: Gulf Takeover- Biologically Ecological Practices in the Mangroves *Updated 11/25- Fish ID

Fishy Jackson, AQUA-D
Location: Sarasota, Fl

Just as the majority of newly’gaged couples do, Lord Fishy Jackson and the lovely AQUA-D opted to celebrate their engagement by fully immersing themselves in the Mangrove Ecosystem of Sarasota.  The Fishtilian nearly had his face chewed off by the relentless onslaught of insects by the ‘groves, but he displayed the heart and grit of a Belted Sandfish and persevered enough to put in some quality work.

Creatures Caught: Goldspotted Killifish (#117), Spotfin Mojarra (#118), Atlantic Stingray (#119), other Mojarras, Crevalle Jack, Atlantic Bumper, Frillfin Goby, White Grunt, Mangrove Snapper, Tomtate Grunt, Pinfish, Spottail Pinfish, Red Grouper, Scaled Sardine, Gulf Killifish, Gulf Flounder, Sand Perch, Lane Snapper, Cigar Minnow, Pigfish, Hardhead Catfish, Sheepshead, Blue Runner

Mangrove Ecosystem

The Microfishing Don Fishy Jackson was up to his old antics, dangling micro squid baits in the faces of all little fish that swam in the vicinity, then in turn live-lining the little critters for larger fish passing thru.  A large Snook and a couple Bonnethead Sharks were observed swimming by but only a small Atlantic Stingray, Gulf Flounder and a savage Catfish were landed on the live-lined bait.  Some D-bag walked by just as Fishy was carefully unhooking the Stingray and swore the fish was just a harmless Skate, prompting Fishy to nearly grab the fish by it’s tail before thinking better of it.  The highlight of the Micro Action came from landing about 8 weird little Frillfin Gobies that would poke their heads out from the rocks on occasion.  A plethora of Mojarras were landed with some likely being different species, but these things will require DNA test to ID and the identity will be updated when the results come in.

Frillfin GobyAtl StingrayAtlantic StingrayStingray TailGoldspotted KillifishGoldspotted KillifishSpotfin MojarraSpotfin MojarraD Gulf FlounderD Mojarra20141013_15461520141012_165355sheepFrillfin Goby


Though Fishy Jackson had visions of achieving Glory out on the reefs, it became apparent quickly that this would go down as another offshore failure.  The waves continued to build creating annoying choppy conditions out by the reefs, and the lack of ability to anchor meant the operation was pretty damn pointless since the drifts were so fast.  Aside from encountering a feeding frenzy of Crevalle Jacks, it was clear the Squad would have been better served hunting out some nice fish in the bay instead of toiling out at sea.  On the plus side, AQUA-D landed some new species for herself while catching live bait for the live well, including Sand Perch, Lane Snapper and Blue Runners.  Unfortunately a storm foiled both attempts at beach shark fishing.


*Update 11/25/14- The mystery Mojarra was identified by a Fish DNA Test  as a Spotfin Mojarra*

Spotfin Mojarra DNA Test

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