12/16/14: Hudson Tommy Cod Hunt- Tommy sighted but remains at large

Fishy Jackson, Larry the Lunker
Location: Yonkerz- Hudson River Jumpoff Spot
Bait: Bloodworms
Time/Tide: Noonish til 4ish pm/ Max Flood Tide 2:15 pm at GW Bridge

They came, they fished…and they climbed.  In the end, Lord Fishy Jackson was forced to depart the Yonkerz Lands without Tommy, but did get confirmation that these creatures remain in NY waters.  This mission had brought the Squad dangerously Inland and Northerly, testing the limits of Fishy Jackson’s exposure threshold to fresh water.  Lord Jackson is well-known to have a low tolerance for salt-less waters, and these highly brackish waters luckily seem to contain just enough salt to appease Fishy.  The Fishtilian landed a few extremely small Striped Bass and a couple of White Perch, including a fatty Perch that would have been kept for the table if these waters were not suspect.

Just 25 inches or so shy of a Keeper

Only 24 inches short of a keeper

Largemouth Larry was unable to get on the board on this day yet he did come about 2 feet away from landing the target species, as a TomCod carefully avoided Fishy Jackon’s worm bait to get a free meal from the rookie Larry.  The Lunker nearly made the Tommy pay as he hooked it and lifted it out of the water long enough to get a nice glimpse of it…until Tommy ultimately managed to shake the hook in mid-air.

Largemouth LarryNice PerchSmall PerchNice Perch

Though fishless for the day, The Lunker did find other ways to contribute.  Larry secured the perimeter of the sketchy abandoned power plant building, thus ensuring the Squad’s safety from potential homeless crackheads and whatnot.  It was Larry who led the way as the Squad explored the rundown old building with creaky floorboards to ensure it would be he and not Fishy that would take the brunt of the injuries if the floor gave out.  The climbing ability LL displayed as he ascended the rotted, flimsy wall-ladders was a sight to behold, and will bode well for him in future missions as he metaphorically climbs the Jackson Ladder of Success.

Fishy Jackson & Larry the LunkerLargemouth Larry

Atlantic Tommy Cod remains Priority #1 for The Fishtilian.

Results: 4 Small Stripers, 2 White Perch, 1 lost Tommy Cod, multiple ladders climbed

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