12/27/14: Tommy Hunt- Take 2…0 for 2

Fishy Jackson, Plundering Pete
Location: Yonkerz Jumpoff Spot on the Hudson
Bait: Bloodworms/Perch Chunks
Time/Tide: 10:45- 1:15ish/ Hi Tide

A beautiful 50+ degrees day with clear skies and light winds was ruined by non-existent fish, including a complete noshow by the TomCod.  The Fishtilian’s demeanor can be best described as dismayed, disquieted, disgruntled and petulant.  The actions of this elusive Tommy Cod are beginning to border on irreverence, impudence and sheer egregiousness.

Fishy Jackson got the squad on the board with a small Striper, followed by boy wonder Petey Plunder nabbing a Perch that was cut up to chunk for a potential bigger Striper.  The Squad was in high spirits after receiving confirmation of encounters with Sturgeons in this area but all optimisms quickly began to dissipate as the action came to a complete halt.

Pete Perch

This damn Tommy Cod will now likely have to be caught in much colder, crappier conditions this winter.

Results: 1 small Striper, 1 Perch, 0 Tommy

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