4/12/15: Hudson Tommy Hunt- Zero on the Hudson

Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Yonkers Jumpoff Spot
Time/Tide: 8:15 – 10:30 am/ max ebb around 10 am at GW Bridge

The Hero of the Hudson, Lord Fishy Jackson, came up with a fat Zero on the Hudson for this session.  Despite the great weather, all forms of Hudson fish proved to be just as elusive as the mysterious Tommy Cod.  The migrating Bass seem to be still further northward.  The chain-smokin Hudson fishermen were out in full force also not catching any fish.  One confused individual showed up with a Fluke Rig looking to catch a Fluke…in Yonkers in early April…This man personified the apparent hopelessness of this ill-fated Tommy Cod Hunt.

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