4/14/15: Annual BlackBackathon Tee Off- Confirmations of Flat Life

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P, Saint Patrick of Bonnethead
Location: BlackBack Dock- CSH
Time/Tide: 6:30-7:40 pm/ Hi Tide around 8:30 pm

The Fishy Squadron tee’d off the 3rd Annual BlackBackathon as the hunt began for the 1 or 2 Blackbacks residing in CSH Waters.  A local Flatback was indeed present on this day and womped Fishy’s bait a couple times.  Unfortunately, this Flat Flapper escaped unhooked due to the Squad not having proper Flounder Rigs.  Thus, for now the CSH Blackback Population of 2 Blackbacks remains intact.


Sensing that the Squad was in danger of going fishless in the Season Opener, Saint Bonnethead approached the water’s edge and attempted to summon some Bonnethead Sharks to the dock.  Ultimately the cold, northernous waters of BlackBack Dock proved to be too far out of the Bonnets’ range, even for a Bonnet Summoner as accomplished as Saint Patrick of Bonnethead.

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