5/30/15: Hudson Huntin- Fish were reeled in

Fishy Jackson
Location: Yonkers Jumpoff Spot
Time/Tide: 7:45 – 10 am/ Max Flood around 7:15 am (GW Bridge)

Fish were hooked, reeled in, unhooked, and thrown back in the water.  This process hadn’t been experienced much in recent months by the Fishy Wonder of the Earths…mostly due to weather, business, and extended hibernations.

A small Perch was hooked early on to break the tension, setting the stage for a surprise Slimy Encounter with a White Catfish.  The presence of this Slime-ball Creature of the Muds seems to indicate the salinity is dangerously low for a Salt Warrior like Lord Fishy Jackson.  White Catfish hold it down in the Lower Hudson brackish waters but would die if placed in pure saltwater, thus this animal has been too deemed too fresh to make the Jackson Atlantic Fish List.  Another Perch and a small Striper were hooked in their jawpieces to round out the catch.

This day will be remembered fondly by The Fishtilian, despite the fact that after fishing Lord Jackson got lost trying to attend the World Science Festival: Great New York City Fish Count…and ended up attending a Great New York City Traffic Jam instead.

Results: 1 White Catfish, 2 White Perch, 1 Striper, 0 TomCods

White CatfishWhite CatfishWhite Catfish

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