6/13/15-6/14/15: Raining Hakes and Dogs

6/13/15- 2k15 Surf Debut
Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac, Morf Dorsal
Location: Bobby Moses- 5th Field
Time/Tide: 7 – 830 am/ Hi Tide around 5 am

The Squad finally made their 2k15 Surf Debut down at the Bobby Mo and were greeted by an onslaught of starving Dogfish.  Coach Beav Mac AKA Dr Himler has made his triumphant return from the mountains and is ready to say thank you to those who have kind words for him. Morf Dorsal was eager to show off his dorsal appendage for the onlookers, and he would go on to be credited with the catch of the day…a Skate. The small Dogs were all over the fresh bunker immediately after casting and made it impossible for more desirable creatures to find the bait, thus forcing an early throw-in of the towel.

Results: Many Dogfish, 2 Skates

Morf DogCoach Dog

Morf SkateNice Skate

6/14/15- Hudson Tommy Hunt
Fishy Jackson
Location: Yonkerz Jumpoff Spot
Time/Tide: 7 – 10:15 am/ Max Flood 7:45 am by GW Bridge
Bait: Sandworms

The Hero of the Hudson Lord Fishy Jackson returned to his usual post at the Yonkers spot and briefly thought he had finally landed the elusive TomCod.  Unfortunately the animal turned out to be a Spotted Hake…the first of 20+ Spotted Hakes landed.  Apparantly these dingaling creatures took over the area and proved to be just as annoying as the Dogfish in the surf.  The Hakes accounted for all the action, aside from a Perch, a yellow plastic bag, and snagging one of the many dead Alewife fish floating by.  This TomCod must act fast if his dream of getting hooked by Fishy Jackson is to come true…for it is unknown how much longer Fishy will stay in this Hudson phase.

Results: Many Spotted Hakes, 1 White Perch, 0 Tomcods

Spotted HakeHudson Hakes20150614_074021Dead Alewife

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