7/11-7/12/15: Battle Weekend- Fishy vs. Beast/ Fishy vs. Rudder

Fishy Jackson
7/11/15- Fishy vs. Beast
Location: Jones Beach
Time/ Tide: 5:15 – 8 AM / Hi Tide around 3:50 am

It appeared Fishy Jackson AKA ManFishPig had sparked off Beast Season with a Shark just in time for Shark Week…until the Stingly creature suctioned itself in the sand and decided it wasn’t moving anymore.  Ultimately the stall tactic only delayed the inevitable, as Fishy patiently waited out the Animal to emerge victorious.  This catch snapped a 7 month new-fish drought for The Fishtilian.  It was not a complete blowout but was a pretty convincing victory.

Final Score: Fishy Jackson 38, Beast Ray 21
Battle Start/Length: 6 am/ 20-25 mins
Results: 1 Roughtail Stingray (#120)

Roughtail Stingray

Roughtail StingrayRoughtail Stingray

Some Battle Footage


Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 5:25 – 7 am/ Hi Tide around 5 am

Same conditions as the day before, however seemed to be a dead sea despite the 3-rod attack (Fresh bunker for Beasts/ Hi-lo rig with clam for Kingfish/ Bucktail with Gulp for Fluke).  The towel was thrown in early.  However, the debut of Fishy’s thoro new Surf Cart was a success as it made the sand it’s bitch and efficiently transported the gear with ease.

Surf Cart

7/12/15- Fishy vs. Banded Rudderfish
Location: Moses Piers
Time/ Time: 7:30 – 10:30 am

The Fishy Wonder of the World decided to stop by the Moses Piers after the quick Surf outing despite not having the full dock arsenal handy.  Right off bat Fishy spotted his nemesis circling around a piling: the Banded Rudderfish.  Lord Jackson has encountered this fish once a year for the past few years and has failed to land it.

As was the case in the last encounter, this smug, fancy smancy Rudderfish refused all bait offerings thrown it’s way (piece of clam, piece of squid and dead spearing borrowed from a fisherman, and a Kastmaster).  It is clear that with all the millions of baitfish around this Rudder will only accept a small live bait.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason the millions of what appeared to be Silversides refused to eat any micro bait.  Around 9 am the seaweed rolled in out of control, but eventually 4 small Rudderfish appeared amongst the weeds on the calmer part of dock.  These small Rudders also appear too smug and dainty to eat anything but a live bait.  Fishy resorted to catching water bugs with his hands to use as bait which nearly worked but came up short.

This was a massacre, these mudderfuddin Rudderfish dominated Fishy Jackson from start to finish.  Fishy will not return to this dock without live bait again until this Rudderfish has been conquered.

Final Score: Rudderfish 63, Fishy Jackson 7 (late touchdown awarded for effort)

Rudderfish circling the Piling footage

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